Let’s Talk Passwords

Let me guess you see the title and think to yourself “my password is fine”, “it’s easy for me to remember”, “it’s been my same password since high school” “even if someone does get it, I ain’t got nothing to hide”. Well friend, I would like to say if this is your thought process then you deserve to be hacked. Your password to your email, bank account, computer, or even your facebook is your first line of defense against someone with malicious intent i.e. ME, but I’m not here to tell you how ridiculous you are, I am actually taking this time to inform and educate.

When it comes to our passwords, we as regular human beings want to take the easy route. We want to make logging into whatever account as easy and effortless as humanly possible, so most of the time people will resort to using Children’s Names, Birthdays, Initials, Parents, Favorite Teams, Pet Names, Etc. This of a security specialist is absolutely The Worst thing to witness, but to an Attacker it is like finding a fucking diamond at their doorstep. This is why complexity is enforced in most workspaces, I say most because I’m more than positive their is a company out there that has a user whos’ password is “Michael23”.

Let me be clear ANY PASSWORD can be cracked, now how long it takes is a whole different story. Attackers who are looking to gain access your systems or accounts can do this a number of ways. One way is SOCIAL ENGINENEERING, which is them probing you for information, shoulder surfing, or tailgating( but this is a different topic) or another way is using password cracking software, such as but not limited to: Cain, John The Ripper, L0phtCrack, etc. But there always just a good ol’ BRUTE FORCE, which the attacker trying to “KICK YOUR DOOR IN”. This method of cracking a 100% chance of success ( With The Right Amount OF Time), in this the attacker is trying every word/combination of words/symbols/numbers possible and eventually it will work…. But no one has that much time or patients if the password is done the correct way.

What is the correct way to create a password you ask, well let me tell you first it ain’t using any of the bullshit you probably ben using like “Pepsi87”, “Chrisjune15” or “Password1234”. For a strong password I always¬†recommend the following:

*Use 12 to 18 Characters

*Use Atleast Two Symbols

*Use Atleast Two Numbers

*Use Atleast Two Uppercase & Lowercase Letters

*Try To Use Word Phrases or Short Sentences

So Example, lets take one of the above pieces of crap passwords and make it something special:

Old: Pepsi87

New Draft: In 1987 Pepsi Was My Drug

New Password: !n1987PepsiW@sMYdrug

See its that simple, now all you gotta do is stop being lazy and actually help yourself. Hopefully, this helps someone out, I really hate to have someone come to me and ask for assistance and its all because you password was fucking shit.

If you’d like to play around with different password combos you can go to https://howsecureismypassword.net/¬† you can try some different combinations out and see what route you would want to go, but in highly advise against putting your actual password in here, not because its unsecure, but simply because its the internet and you should never have that much trust.

With All That Being Said I Am Going To Bid You Fairwell And So Long For Now, In the future I will be tackling topics such as: Internet Security, Social Engineering, Online Privacy, Cryptocurrency, and more but I guess if you wanna read any of it you gotta stick around now don’t cha….


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